Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WW Wednesday -- Snack Ideas

10 Healthy Snack Ideas That are Quick and Easy
These healthy snacks are filling and low in Weight Watchers points.

1 small apple, sliced and spread with 1 tablespoon peanut butter (3 points)

1/4 cup hummus with 1 cup assorted non starchy raw vegetables (2 points)

1 piece of low fat string cheese with 1 cup seedless grapes (2 points)

Fat free smoothie prepared with 1 cup frozen strawberries and 1 cup nonfat milk (3 points)

Roll up prepared with 1 ounce slice low fat cheese and 2 ounces low fat deli meat (2 points)

1 serving nonfat plain Greek Style yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon honey (3 points)

1 bag 100 calorie popcorn with 2 tablespoons almonds (3 points)

5 whole grain crackers spread with one wedge Laughing Cow light cheese (3 points)

1 whole grain waffle topped with 1 cup strawberries and 2 tablespoons light Cool Whip (3 points)

1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese mixed with 1/2 cup canned peaches packed in juice (3 points)

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