Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SIX89 - Carbondale Colorado - Review

689 Main Street
Carbondale, Colorado 81623

Before we headed out on our family vacation we researched nice places to eat for a night out with out G (we left him with the grandparents). We read reviews for places in Aspen and so many people said that there was a great place in Carbondale and not to bother to drive into Aspen. We also were told about SIX89 from the driver of the bus when we went to Maroon Bells and it was recommended by several at the Glenwood Springs Spa. After hearing all of the great things from everyone, we decided that SIX89 was the place for our adult dinner out.

I must say that I was a bit nervous after reading their menu because I am a plain jane girl and it is a bit of a fancy menu. But everything on the menu sounded so good and it was hard to make a decision on what to order. E and I did finally make a decision and we agreed to share our entrees with one another.

Here is what we ordered:

E ordered:
Soup of the Moment: Chilled Split Pea Soup
Pan Roasted Black Angus Filet in Madeira
with Horseradish Spuddies, Creamed Spinach, Crisp Sweet Onion Staws
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
with Almond Semifreddo

I ordered:
Chilled Crab Salad
with Bacon Vinaigrette, Avacado, Roasted Tomato, Potato Chips
Pan Roasted Alaskan Halibut
with Suace Gribiche, Cherry Tomatoes, Peas (snap & english), Asparagus,
Garden Radishes, Soft Polenta
White Chocolate Chip Brownie Sundae
with Rum Caramel and Chocolate Sauce, Candied Pecans, Sweet Cream

Oh My! Not only was each item that we ordered amazing but it was SO FRESH!!! SIX89 is known for using local Colorado products (meat, produce, wine, etc). I was impressed. One of the really cool things that they do is 100 Miles Dinner on Wednesdays. Every item they use for that menu (which is a preset starter, entree and dessert) is from a 100 mile radius. This menu changes each week.

Another cool thing is that their menu changes each month ~~ since they use fresh and local items, they change their menu to fit what is in season. I think that this is great and not many places do this and I wish more places would really use local and fresh items but that isn't something that happens everywhere.

When we ordered we were asked if we would like to see the wine menu and I looked at it and couldn't decide there were so many choices. Our server (who was great at helping us decide on what to order) recommended two wines, one for each of us. Her recommendation was spot on and not only was the wine great but it went with our meals perfectly! SIX89 trains their staff to know the wines that they are serving and what they would go with. Amazing!!

Customer service was beyond great! We were given not only some bread while we waited but also an amuse-bouche. The amuse-bouche was this bite size meatball with a sauce on it. OH MY!! Had this not tasted good, I would have walked out but we didn't have to worry about that because this was the best bite of food that I have ever been served. I was impressed by that bite.

Our starters were the soup and then the crab salad. E loved the soup and said it tasted very fresh and "green" and I really enjoyed the crab salad. I must say that I don't normally care for avacado but I did like how they prepared and served the avacado with the crab. Our entrees were beyond amazing and we switched half way through. The fish and beef were cooked perfectly and the items served with each dish were fresh and great! Dessert made me speechless!!! E loved the rhubarb crisp and I feel in love with the rum caramel sauce that was with my sundae.

Something that I forgot to mention is portion size. Many places today serve so much food and it either goes to waste or you stuff yourself until you don't enjoy it. Not at SIX89. The portion size is perfect -- just enough without stuffing yourself silly.

I highly recommend SIX89 for anyone that will be in the Carbondale/Aspen area. It was beyond perfect and a wonderful date night with E. The service is perfect, the food perfect and the outside seating was perfect (plus the weather was great).

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  1. I'm from CO and was returning home from vacation today and drove by all these places you've been blogging about. Wish I would have seen your blog first! :) Guess I'll have to go back and try them out. Thanks for visiting Let's Dish!