Monday, July 26, 2010

Glenwood Canyon Brewpub - Glenwood Colorado

Glenwood Canyon Brewpub
Restaurant & Brewery
402 7th Street
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

I am not a beer drinker but E is and he loves to try new beers and microbrews. I honestly can say I don't know anything about beer and I don't really care to know about it. I will stick to wine and he can have the beer.

While on vacation, E tried local beers when we were out and this brewpub was found online before we even got in the car to head to Colorado! BIL stopped there before we got to the campground and purchased several growlers for all the boys to try out and of course they went back several times before the trip was over to refill the growlers. The day before we left to head back to Texas, we refilled 3 growlers to bring home with us (I think that they forgot that you can buy beer in Texas). Oh well, glad that we had a big cooler in the car to haul it home.

Here is a list of the microbrews that you can purchase to go:
Hanging Lake Honey Ale
Grizzle Creek Raspberry Wheat Ale
Red Mountain ESB
No Name Nut Brown Ale
Vapor Cave IPA
Shoshone Stout

They also have a beer tasting of all of the beers (some of their beers can't be purchased to go).

Glenwood Canyon Brewpub also makes its own rootbeer and the kids loved it! They had been hiking to see Doc Holliday's grave and really enjoyed it while the men drank beer (I had an Ice Cream Cone from a local ice cream shop nearby).

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