Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meal Planning

We used to meal plan all the time and in the past few months we haven't been meal planning and it has caused us to eat out a bit more because we aren't sure what we will be eating each night. I have meals planned until next Sunday. We will pickup most of the groceries later today and there will be a few things that I am hoping to make this weekend to use later in the week.

Here is what we have planned out.

Saturday 2/20 -- grilled salmon, asparagus and creamy parm risotto

Sunday 2/21 -- Pork Chops in crock pot, mashed potatoes and a green veggie

Monday 2/22 -- Baked potatoes filled with mexican chicken (Grant will have chicken w/mac & cheese)

Tuesday 2/23 -- Pulled Pork Sandwiches (meat is in freezer already)

Wednesday 2/24 -- Chinese food

Thursday 2/25 -- Pasta Bake (already in freezer)

Friday 2/26 -- Tacos with the leftover mexican chicken from Monday

Satufday 2/27 -- Alfredo with either shrimp or fish

Sunday 2/28 -- Chicken pot pies (I will make extra for the freezer)

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