Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Review -- "Too Many Cooks" by Emily Franklin

I heard about this book "Too Many Cooks" by Emily Franklin before Christmas and recently when I placed an Amazon order, I added it to the cart - I had to order at least $25 to get the free shipping. :) I just started reading it and I am really enjoying it.

Emily writes of her life with her 4 children and husband and their adventures of food. I really like the stories of how she has gotten her kids to try new types of food. She has also added some recipes throughout but she has a talent for writing. A very easy read and something that most mothers can relate to.

I recommend adding this book to your to read list. Amazon had a great price on it just a few weeks ago, so the next time you need to get your Amazon order over the $25 for free shipping, just toss this in your cart!

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