Friday, November 13, 2009

Eric isn't a big sweets person but he does like Reece's PB Cups, so any time there is a new take on Reece's we have to purchase it. My Mom stuff his stocking at Christmas with various types of Reece's products. About a month ago, Eric brought me the CVS ad from the Sunday paper. He torn a piece of it out and handed it to me. It was an ad for The World's Largest Reece's Cups. Each cup is 8oz and they are just like a regular Reece's except on steriods. It is freaking huge!! You can just eat it. Eric had to quarter one cup to even be able to eat any of it. Of course, I knew that he would complain and tell me that the chocolate to peanut butter ratio would be off (he does this with most shapped Reece's) and I was right. He did however, eat one of the 8 oz cups -- took him several weeks. I still have one cup in the pantry. I think I will chop it up and add to cookies or something for the upcoming holidays.

OH!! I paid $9.99 for The World's Largest Reece's Cup.

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