Saturday, November 14, 2009

So much for my great dinner

Well, I am a bit disappointed. All week I had planned that Saturday night would be our Cornish Game hen dinner. We smoked two hens a few weeks ago and popped them into the freezer. So last night I put one of the hens to the fridge so we could enjoy it tonight with fresh corn on the cob and another side item -- wasn't 100% what it would be and we would enjoy the leftover homemade biscuits from this morning with our dinner.

I went to start dinner a bit ago and the hen was still frozen. :( Now what will we eat. We sat here debating for a bit and finally I just had to come up with something and quick. It is a good thing that we keep a few staple items in the fridge & pantry. I am now fixing red beans & rice with Slovacks sausage and green beans. Nothing fancy but I am sure it will do the trick for dinner and I am also sure Grant will complain about the rice mixture. LOL

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