Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday -- 6/27 - 7/2

Monday - Cub Scout Meeting Night

Hot Dogs, Chips, Pasta Salad


Grilled Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies


Crispy Tacos, Beans, Rice


Grilled Chicken, Rice, Veggies


Pasta, Salad, Bread


I work and it will be up to E to come up with something


We will pickup something at the store for dinner this night (I work the afternoon)

Baking for the week
It is too hot to do any baking, with over 100 degree days, I am trying to not use the oven unless necessary

Breakfast for the week

Waffles & Yogurt

Protein Shakes

Cereal & Fruit

Breakfast Tacos

Bagels w/PB

Bagel Egg Sandwiches

Lunches for the week

G will take the following to summer camp: Nachos, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Sandwiches -- with fruit, carrots, chips, etc

E & I will have: leftovers or sandwiches

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