Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review -- Fish Daddy's

Friday Night we decided to go out to dinner and since we had heard good things about Fish Daddy's in Pflugerville, we thought we would go for an early dinner and then E could be home in time for football.
We have had friends and my brother (who eats there when he is in town) tell us good reviews, however, our experience wasn't as great as theirs.

Strawberry Margarita -- a drizzle of strawberry does not turn a regular margarita into a strawberry one. It had an odd taste to it -- not horrible but not great. I didn't finish it and I am not someone that leaves before I finish my drink.

Seafood Fondue -- VERY CHEESY and the description didn't mention that it had tons of mushrooms in it. I am not a fan of mushrooms. The cheese on the top was good but the cheese that was mixed with the seafood (scallops, shrimp & crawfish) was very runny. Not like any other seafood fondue we have ever had before.

Kid's Cheeseburger -- the meat was very very dry. G said he preferred the school cafeteria's burger over what was on his plate. Frozen french fries were nothing special either.

Combo Plate w/Grilled Shrimp, Salmon & Stuffed Shrimp -- grilled shrimp was bland and took 3 lemon wedges to give it a touch of flavor; salmon was okay but nothing special; stuffed shrimp was good but had a touch too much Old Bay Seaoning on it.

Combo Plate w/Grilled Shrimp, Blackened Catfish & Stuffed Shrimp -- E says that his grilled shimp was like mine, he liked the stuffed shrimp and the catfish was okay.

Red Beans & Rice (side dish) -- this did have good flavor and I enjoyed it
Steamed Brocoli -- nothing exciting

Jalapeno Hushpuppies -- I am pretty sure that someone forgot the jalapenos. These hushpuppies were bland. When I order something that has jalapeno in it, I expect a kick to it and these did not deliver at all.

We don't plan on going back again. Not sure if they were having a bad night in the kitchen or what but we weren't impressed and the customer service was okay but not enough to make us want to try it again.

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