Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fredericksburg TX -- Main Street Cottage

When we started planning our girls weekend, we ran across a website that has lots of cottages/cabins that can be rented. It was the perfect place to hunt for the best cottage for us. We wanted a private hot tub, two bedrooms, nice looking and not super expensive. It was a lot of searching and phone calls between me and BFF. There was one that she loved but it wasn't available (I liked it for a romantic trip, not a girls trip) and then we found a nice cottage with two queen beds and a private hot tub. It was located on Main Street and semi close to all the shops (we still had to drive to the main shopping area).

I will say that when we arrived, we were impressed with the cottage until we got to the backyard. The hot tub wasn't private but shared with Main Street Hideaway (we were at Main Street Cottage). Actually, the entire backyard is shared with the Hideaway. So, we went back to the office (next door) where we picked up our keys and voiced our complaint. The website never showed that the hot tub was shared and we were disappointed with this. The lady in the office didn't seem concerned at all and really dismissed us with saying that everything was booked all over town. We weren't asking to be moved but to just acknowledge what was being said. We did receive a phone call after we got settled into the cottage and it was another lady from the office. She said that she had spoke with the owner of the booking group and he was sorry and she brought over a bottle of wine to us. Simple gesture but a nice one.

We spoke with the neighbors, who were nice and they were under the same impression as us -- the hot tub was private for their place. They also voiced their disappointment (they were a young couple and I am sure they were excited about a hot tub).

Today, before getting my post together, I popped to the website to get some info to share with you and THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR WEBSITE TO SHOW THAT THE HOT TUB IS SHARED! I am glad that this has happened, we know that we weren't the only people over the past year that had complaints because the guest book in the house had comments about it. At least their website is now updated.

Now ... with all of that being said. We really did enjoy our cottage. It was a good location, tons of space, comfortable beds, great kitchen that was well stocked, loved the sun room to sit & read in and the whole house was well stocked (towels, extra bedding, etc).

Here are my pictures of the cottage.

Living Room

Hallway leading to the bathroom & bedrooms
Smaller Bedroom (surf board theme)

Larger Bedroom (it had a small flat screen tv)


Dining Room

Sunroom (really loved this room)

Back deck

Gazebo with hot tub

Basket of breakfast goodies

Kitchen -- with an ice cream making station


This is Main Street Hideaway (picture taken from our deck)

Main Street Cottage
709 West Main Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

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