Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WW Wednesday

I have a large selection of WW recipes that we really enjoy. I did WW for a very long time and really succeeded in loosing weight with it and it is a program that I personally agree with. That being said, I do not participate in WW any longer and it is mostly because I am lazy when it comes to the program (or any weight loss program). That being said, I do enjoy many WW friendly recipes. Most of the WW friendly recipes that I use have come from WW cookbooks, their website (on the forums) or from WW meetings.

Bagel Thin Breakfast Sandwich

Bagel Thin
1/4 cup (or less) Egg Beaters
1 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patty
1 slice Kraft cheese 2%
a tiny bit of spicy mustard

Toast the bagel thin
Spread a little spicy brown mustard
Cook the egg beaters into a kind of omelet that would fit on the bagel thin
Cut the sausage patty into two wafers so that it will fit better on the bagel
Put the egg on the bagel, add cheese and sausage.

**Pre-cook several sausage patties ahead of time for quick weekday breakfast.**

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