Thursday, September 9, 2010

Box Top for Education

Box Tops for Education have taken over our house! G's school collects Box Tops and they do contests each year. The first contest of the year has kicked off and we have been counting up what we saved over the summer. So far G has almost 1400 in points to turn in and we add to that each week.

We also collect Campbells and Peperidge Farm labels for education and add those to our collection.

This has be come such a big deal that emails have been sent to family asking for their help in collecting these lables for G. And G even yelled at E for tossing several items into the trash without removing the Box Tops (I normally remove them when I bring them home from the store BUT I can't remove them from Pillsbury biscuits and those type products). We also stocked up on a few items last week when our local grocery store began running a promo that if you purchase 10 items with Box Tops then you get a print out worth 70 Box Tops. Now we just can't pass that up. And will probably stock up on other items before the promo ends in early October.

If you don't hear from me for an extended period of time, you might want to see if I have been buried under a pile of Box Tops and Labels for Education! :)

(PS: if anyone wants to save their Box Tops and Labels for Education for us, please let me know.)

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  1. Hi Kerri, I was saving my Box Tops for a friend and she no longer wants them. I had a bunch of friends and my mum saving. I am going home to Michigan next week and will collect everyones and mail them out to you.