Sunday, August 15, 2010

Planning ... What do you do to get ready for the week?

School is about to start back up next week and that also means that we will have more going on after school & work with sports, programs at school, homework, etc. Plus E is about to leave his night job that he works at on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday. I am excited about this because he will be home and have the weekends off!! He has been working nights since Dec 2007 so we are hoping we won't kill one another now that he will be home every night. LOL

Is there something that you do on the weekends to get ready for the week ahead? Plan meals, fix lunches so they can be grabbed out of the fridge, prepare food ahead of time ... ?

I have set a goal that on Saturday and Sunday of each week, I will prepare for the week ahead by doing more than just planning out our dinners. I started this week by getting G's lunches all prepared and in the fridge & pantry, ready to be tossed in his lunch bag each morning. I have also had him pick what he wants for breakfast each day; I am hoping that this will prevent an early morning fight about what I have set out. I am going to try to get my lunches figured out and ready for the week as well. (I hope this will make it where I will actually eat lunch or not pick something up when I am running errands)

Please share your tips with me! I am also looking for some easy breakfast ideas that can be done ahead of time that G will eat.

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  1. I try to plan meals, maybe a slow cooker recipe for when I'm at work, and sometimes we just wing it (this normally goes badly) :(. The main thing we do is cook double and freeze all of our leftovers as complete little meals to take to work with us. Mainly J does this b/c I try to eat a light lunch.

    I have no good breakfast ideas! I do all bran and fat free milk.. :( Not very appetizing.