Monday, March 29, 2010

Naan Bread

Yesterday, while shopping at Sprouts, we ran across Naan bread. There were two slices (pieces) in the pkg and it smelled yummy. It was a garlic Naan. I picked it up thinking it would work for an easy pizza. G agreed so in the basket it went.

Tonight we made up Naan Pizza. G's had a bit of ranch dressing smeared on the bottom (I didn't want to open a big jar of pasta sauce for such a small pizza) and topped with canadian bacon and cheese. Simple. Mine had a bit of buffalo sauce, grilled chicken & onions and a bit of cheese.

It was really simple and yummy. I heated the bread before putting the toppings on it and I heated it according to the package directions. It said to sprinkle water on it first. Not sure why but I did it. The bread would be wonderful for a grilled sandwich, to eat with a salad or with pasta or any main dish.

I was impressed with the Naan bread and I recommend you to try this.

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