Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trying Something New

Grant and I decided while shopping at Sprouts this morning that each Sunday we are going to go to Spouts and buy a new item to try. I thought of this after reading "Too Many Cooks" by Emily Franklin -- she has her kids try all sorts of food and I thought that by trying a new product each week then not only is Grant trying it but so are E and I.

Today we picked up a small packet of Almond Butter. I figured that we would try something that is similar to a product that we already use (peanut butter). We looked at the different kinds of veggies and products that Sprouts carries and talked about what we might try next. Grant is leaning towards brussel sprouts. I am not too excited but we will pick some up next week to try. :) I will post some of the items that we try and share our experiences.

Grant tried the Almond Butter tonight and really liked it. I figured he would since he is a fan of peanut butter and nutella.

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