Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Review - Wanchai Ferry Frozen Chinese Dinner

Last week at the grocery store we had a coupon for egg rolls - buy egg rolls get a free package of Wanchai Ferry frozen Chinese Dinner. We needed egg rolls so why not get the free product with it. We picked sweet & sour chicken. Tonight I had planned on Chinese for dinner and with Grant being sick, I opted to just use the frozen bag dinner. I was also making Wonton Soup and so glad that I did. (I will post that recipe later.)

The Sweet & Sour Chicken Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner wasn't that great. It tasted okay but it wasn't a full 2 servings like the package said. It was maybe one and a half servings. It was very sweet and the pieces of chicken were breaded and about the size of popcorn chicken, oh and there was only 11 tiny pieces. Actually, the popcorn chicken at KFC and Sonic are probably bigger than the chicken in this bag.

I wouldn't buy the product and if it was free again, I don't know if I would take it. Well, I probably would to have on hand for a quick meal for E or something. But not the Sweet & Sour Chicken at all.

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