Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shortcakes -- A Review

Austin, TX, 78759
Shortcakes is an Austin owned, traveling cookie, cupcake party and brownie bar for all ages, group sizes and events.
(512) 573-9014

Recently, I won the Taste of the Week from Shortcakes and Tiffany brought me (and everyone in our office) a wonderful sweet treat for us. She dropped off B.B. King Cupcakes ...Blueberry filled white chocolate cupcake with Creme Chantilly and loads of white chocolate flakes. These were good cupcakes and I really liked the blueberry she put in them. Tiffany did a great job on them!

Tiffany dropped off to us the next Friday another sweet treat (part of our B.B. King Cupcakes met an untimely death when they were dropped) that was even better than the cupcakes! She dropped off Baby Blues - cake bites: vanilla cake, blueberry filling, white chocolate frosting, dipped in white chocolate with Shortcakes Sugar Cookie Crumbs on top. These were beyond AMAZING! I love these cake bites and ate so many of them!!

If you are looking for a great place for cupcakes, cake bites, cookies, brownies or to have a sweet treat party -- give Tiffany a call. She does a great job and is so dang sweet!
Thanks Tiffany for bringing us some great treats to try!

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