Saturday, September 11, 2010


(This was G's bday cake that Grandma made him while he was visiting during Spring Break)

Our house has been taken over with Legos! We have a lego table (that my Dad built G) and tons of Lego sets. G has been talking about some new Lego game thing that he saw on TV but neither E or I knew what in the world he was talking about. (however, this happens to us a bunch, so we didn't think much of it. LOL)

Today, while I was enjoying my alone time at Super Target (and my Double Chocolate Chip Frap) I went down the board game aisle to see if there was something that I could get for a family game night and what did I see? A whole bunch of Lego games! You build the game with Legos and then you play. There is one with race cars, a Harry Potter themed one and many more. The price ranged $9.99 to $29.99. I was going to get one of the $9.99 ones but they looked too simple so I went for one that was $14.99 and popped it into the cart. I got Lava Dragon -- you build a tower and the goal is to get to the top without getting killed by a dragon (or something like that, I haven't read the directions yet).

Once I got home, I just set it on the kitchen table and at least 4 hours went by before G noticed it -- by the way, he had sat at the table briefly while I got him more meds (he has been sick since Tuesday night with pink eye and a viral infection). Once he finally saw it he was so excited. So on Sunday after his homework is done, we will play a bit. I really want the Hogwarts one and thinking that might be a good Christmas gift for him. (we are currently reading Harry Potter with him)

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