Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chinese Dinner

It has been awhile since we have had a Chinese Dinner night and I now remember why. It is a lot of work even taking some of the short cuts that we do. LOL

I started off with my fave soup - Wonton Soup (I blogged about this in Feb) and I just love how it is easy and good. It does take time to make the wontons but well worth the work.

Since I had wonton wrappers and cream cheese and green onions and imitation crab, I made G some Crab Rangoons. They were pretty easy and it gave E the opportunity to use his new fryer. He also fried up some egg rolls that I purchased from the deli at the grocery store (frozen ones aren't great and I am not making them since I am not a huge fan).

Our main dish was Spicy Orange Chicken and rice. I took a short cut and used the Wanchai Ferry Chinese Dinner Kit. It comes with the sauce, rice and seasonings and I just have to add the meat. I could make it totally from scratch but since it takes a bit to assemble the wontons and rangoons, I like the short cut, plus it tastes good.

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  1. Oh wow! Well done! That all looks scrumptious. You can make me Chinese any day.