Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pretzel M&Ms

I signed up for a free sample of pretzel M&Ms and last week they showed up in the mail. I am a big fan of M&Ms and love to mix plain, peanut and peanut butter all in a bowl. So yummy!

I must say that I wasn't impressed with the new M&Ms at all. You would think the salty pretzel inside the M&M would be great but it was okay. I wouldn't purchase a big bag or even a small bag of them. The prezels was a ball of pretzel and that might be why and it didn't have much salt to it either. Can't pin point the exact dislike but I just know that it wasn't great. Sad to say I was a bit disappointed.


  1. My dad has me searching high and low for these freaking m&m's it's impossible to find them!

  2. I found the M&M's at Sam's club. They were $12 for 24 packs.