Friday, March 19, 2010

The Texan Cafe -- Hutto TX

One of our favorite place to have a homestyle comfort dinner is The Texan Cafe in Hutto. It is a old style cafe that has great homemade food and PIE. Everything we have had is always so yummy (and normally fried or greasy).

E and I went last night (our diet starts next week) to enjoy chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese (E got carrots instead of potatoes). It was so yummy and I have leftovers for my lunch today. YEAH!

We always order pie to take home and it has always been so yummy. Last night I decided to not get my fave Key Lime Pie (because I am having it tonight when we go out) and went with a cream cheese pie w/strawberries and was disappointed. It just wasn't that great. E got chocolate silk pie that was good but didn't have enough chocolate. However, in the future I will order pie, it will just be my fave key lime. :)

Here are the details for The Texan Cafe:
The Texan Cafe
Regular Hours:

Tues - Sat.

11am - 3pm

Pie Happy Hour
Tues - Sat.
3pm - 5pm

Call Ahead
or Carry Out
(512) 846-2885

I mean you have to like a place that has a Pie Happy Hour!

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  1. One of my friends recently ate there and she raved about it forever! Sounds fabulous!