Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last night we went out to dinner to Maggiano's Little Italy with some wonderful friends to celebrate a friend's graduation. They had been to the Maggiano's in Vegas and talked about how great this place was so we went to the one that just opened in Austin. And it was AMAZING!

They offer a family style dinner and it is a great price per person! About $27 per person and they will bring you as much as you want. YUMMY!

There was 6 of us and we did the family style and it included: 2 apps, 2 salads, 4 entrees and 2 desserts. It is a ton of food and everything was so good.

We started the meal out with:
Calamari Fritte
Mozzarella Marinara
Maggianos Salad
Spinach Salad

Then we moved on to:
Fettuccine Alfredo
Chicken Parm (this was ok but not great)
Lemon & Herb Salmon
4-Cheese Ravioli

And we finished up with:
NY Style Cheesecake
Apple Crostada

We each brought home various items that we had left on the platters and then a small serving of cheesecake as well. They allow you to order more of each dish that you ordered and if there is anything left on the platter then they will box it up for you to take home.

It was a great place to go and for $27 a person for the amount of food that they give you is mind blowing! You could go to Macaroni Grill and spend the same amount and have less food. Also, they make everything from scratch including desserts.

Us girls are already planning to go back for several of our birthdays. It was nice where you could dress up and have a great adult night out but was fairly kid friendly as well - they do have a kid menu and kids price for the family style (saw a few kiddos there as well). It was their first week at the Austin location and a bit slow getting food out - but it was nice company and you could relax between courses.

I highly recommend! :)

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  1. My best friend and her husband just went to the Maggianos in Austin this past weekend!
    She called me after and was telling me how great it was!
    Also, love you rainbow bday cupcakes!!