Sunday, March 21, 2010

Favorite Products -- I can't live without these items!

Pink Sugar Perfume -- I love it! Very light and smells similar to a sugar cookie. :)

Coochy Shave Gel -- I will not use any other shave gel. I really love the Green Tea scent

Kiss -- a very light scent

Body Dew -- adds so much moisture into your skin. You spritz on when your body is still damp and it is wonderful.

Cerave -- A wonderful moisturizer and I love it on my face. It comes in a tub or a pump and I prefer the pump bottle.

Danncy Vainilla -- This is pure vanilla from Mexico. My parents bring me bottles when they go to Mexico. I have the clear and dark. Love it! Adds amazing flavor to any dish.

Woolite in Red Bottle -- Love it for my work clothes

1 comment:

  1. Can you believe I have not heard of most of those products! My grandparents when my grandpa was around would go to Mexico all the time and bring my Mum back vanilla it was always the best stuff! Nothing here compares!