Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Wine and Cake Decorating Do Not Mix

E's birthday is tomorrow, so on Sunday I started his cake. I baked it on Saturday and it part of it didn't turn out at all -- so on Sunday I had to bake another one. He wanted a giant cupcake (since he bought me a giant cupcake pan for Christmas). Sunday afternoon, I started decorating. I got the bottom portion all done and thought it was looking good. Popped it in the fridge to set up and after dinner I decided to decorate the top. Well, by this time I had several glasses of wine with our V-Day dinner. I couldn't find the correct decorating tip so I just used what I could find and knew I wasn't going to be happy. Well, it turned out okay but not really. It is ugly and sloppy and it looks like someone who drank a bit too much wine tried to decorate it. LOL

I should have known that the project wasn't going to turn out well. First cake didn't bake correctly, then I had to search for the Wilton buttercream icing mix. Oh well, at least it tastes good and it is better than how his cake looked last year. It fell apart after the frosting was put on -- it was like it exploded. LOL So much better. Who would know that I can make really cute cakes for my child but E's cakes never come out right. :)