Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Awhile back I saw this Food Network recipe on another blog and filed it away. I have now made these a few times and keep some in the freezer. Easy and taste really good. I am posting the original recipe and then will post my changes to it as well.

Meatballs -- The Food Network
1 pound ground chuck
4 oz dried bread crumbs
4 large eggs
4 oz milk
6 oz grated Romano
3 oz grated onion
2 oz finely diced fresh garlic
2 oz finely chopped fresh italian parsley leaves
2 oz finely chopped fresh basil leaves

Prehead oven to 350 degrees. Spray baking sheet w/olive oil spray.
Mix all ingredients thoroughly in large bowl. If mixture is a bit loose, add bread crumbs. Roll meatballs loosely about the size of a golf ball and place on baking sheet. Cook for about 35 minutes.

My Version
1 pound ground beef
1 pound ground italian sausage
3/4 - 1 cup dried bread crumbs -- Italian seasoned
5 large eggs
6 oz milk
1 cup grated parm cheese
1/2 cup grated or finely diced onion
4 T diced garlic -- I use the kind in jar
3 T Italian Seasoning

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ingredients in stand mixture, roll into golf ball size balls and place on baking sheet that has been sprayed w/cooking spray. Bake for 35 minutes. After completely cooled I store in freezer bags and freeze for up to 2 months.

I put into pasta sauce, pasta bake, meatball subs, etc.

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  1. My Dad mentioned that he liked these meatballs the other night - the recipe is a keeper for sure!